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What You Need to Know About Wind Mitigations in Florida


Did you know? Florida law requires insurance companies to offer homeowners priemium discounts for existing building features or home improvements that reduce damage and loss from hurricanes?

 What's Wind Mitigation? Wind mitigation is the implementation of certain building techniques / features in order to limit damage caused by intense wind. A Wind Mitigation Inspection checks for compliance with the updated 1994 South Florida Building Code or 2001 Florida Building Code.

Why Should You Get A Wind Mitigation Inspection?
A wind mitigation inspection is performed to assess your homes ability to withstand storm force winds experienced during severe storms and hurricanes. New and existing homeowners often have this verification performed to maximize available insurance discounts. Insurers must accept a mitigation verification form if it is signed by a home inspector licensed under Section 468.8314, Florida Statutes.

What Does An Inspector Look For? Your home will be inspected for the following:

  1. Building Code (code used to design and build the home)
  2. Predominant Roof Covering (includes asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal, and built up roofs)
  3. Roof Deck Attachment (method of securing roof sheathing to to trusses or rafters)
  4. Roof to Wall Attachment (method of securing roof trusses or rafters to walls)
  5. Roof Geometry (common roof shapes are hip, gable or flat)
  6. Gable End Bracing (if gable, are the ends braced)
  7. Wall Construction Type (includes wood, masonry)
  8. Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) (presence water resistive barrier)
  9. Opening Protection (presence of rated windows and doors, or rated shutters)



1802 Wind Mit Inspection Form


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